Technical specification

We are a good past performance in execute the projects in these elements:

(I) Quality work.

(II) timely manner:

This is the main case in execute the project. We have consult of engineers work in out of  Iraq and have an experience to execute and planning and manage the large projects.

Reasonable Cost:

This must be studied carefully to determined the cost of materials and the cost of equipments and the cost of labors with time of the project.

 Take in our account the country of the region natural the place that we are worked in it because there is difference between country and another.

And between region and another in addition the risk in these country and region from war or fight.

(III) safe manner:

The good assurance and good leader and use the safe way to deals with bid and with project and with employee lead to the succeed project, please know that for this project we are lived in this region and we know how to deal with the with nature of this country .

(IV) reasonable and cooperative conduct:

This item is important to reach to a good project execute and design

We aim to provide a special work that combines both the excellence and the time saving with the care and attention only few companies can provide. Working together with all our specialists, brought in to assist different aspects of our projects, customers can be assured that our work will be of high quality and responsive to need.


One team.. one dream